How To Series: Repurpose Weaponized White Women Tears

Ciao Lovely,

I started doing a series on Tiktok where I give advice on how to deal with and/or repurpose weaponized white women tears for your own safety or peace of mind. It’s 2021, we all know how dangerous white women tears can be for people of color – specifically Black women.

Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by Karen. If you haven’t been in a situation where a white women has either put your job or your life in danger by spewing fake crocodile tears, odds are you will eventually. Very soon. And you should know how to handle it and also prepare for how you might feel when you’re actually in that situation.

So I started this mini series and I truly hope it helps. At the very least, it should give you an idea of what you can do if and when the time comes. Here’s Lesson 1. Please follow for more either here on the blog or @thedawnmelissa on tiktok – or on both platforms. Your support means the world to me, lovely.

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While you’re following along with this series, be sure to jot down any notes or thoughts that come to mind. I currently have a collection of journals available for purchase on Amazon. “The Repurpose Journal” series is a collection of journals that can be used for various types of journaling. Use the creative writing journal for stories, poetry or any form of writing. The memory journal is great for immortalizing special moments or incredible experiences. If you’re a daydreamer, use the daydream journal during daily commutes, relaxing in the park or hanging out at your local cafe. Keep all of your musings in this beautifully designed set of journals. Get one of each today!

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