Ten Ways to Level Up before 2020 ends

It goes without saying that 2020 has been just awful. Definitely one for the books, am I right? I’m ready to see the back of it, honestly. Not that 2021 promises to be any better but at least we’ve got something to hope for. Which is why I’m already trying to Level Up before year ends. Why wait until December 30th to start thinking about these things when we can start doing them now?

Here are 10 Ways to Level Up before 2020 ends (Or choose your own deadline).

9. Clean Out Your Closet (throw out, donate or sell what doesn’t bring you joy)Take this literally or metaphorically but the idea is to get organized, clear out the clutter and throw out things or people that no longer bring you joy. Make space for new people, new thoughts and possibilities and, naturally, new clothes.

8. Tap into your Feminine Energy. Ladies! Please don’t let another day pass without taking some time to pamper yourself. Take care of your skin. Give yourself a hot oil treatment. Take a nice, long, hot, candlelit bath. Update your makeup collection, get dolled up and take yourself out on a date. Remind yourself that you are a beautiful, delicate flower and it’s your time to bloom. Tap into your feminine energy. Women are such rockstars! We are capable of wearing multiple hats at once. It’s pretty awesome but sometimes we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. We put our needs last. We don’t nurture our feminine side. Black women get robbed of our femininity. So we have to work a little extra hard to hold onto it. Take time to allow yourself to be soft, gentle and vulnerable. Let yourself smile, giggle, sigh and be playful. If it doesn’t come naturally then spend a little time each day practicing your smile, your giggle and your sighs. You will notice a difference in your mood and your life once you tap into your feminine energy. Reclaim it and step into the beautiful, luxurious world of womanhood.

7. Start a Morning Routine If your current morning routine consists of waking up, brushing your teeth, grabbing a coffee and rushing off to work then it could use an upgrade. It’s a mental and spiritual warfare out there, ladies. As a Black woman I have to mentally prepare myself for micro-aggressions, racism, discrimination, sexism, potential physical assault and karens before leaving the safety and sanctity of my home. Before you can allow yourself to be around other vibes and energies you’ve got to be grounded so that you don’t let those energies affect yours. Level up before 2021 by starting a new morning routine that includes stretching, breathing, meditation, saying affirmations, practicing smiling in the mirror, drinking hot water and lemon and playing your favorite song. If that feels like too much then pick one or two and try it for 30 days. You will definitely notice a difference in how you face the world.

6. Start a Nighttime Routine This is just as important as a morning routine. If you’re like me, then your mind is constantly thinking about your ‘to do’ list and it probably takes you a long time to actually fall asleep once you go to bed. Start winding down about an hour or so before you bedtime. Set your phone so that it automatically tells you to start preparing for bed. Log off of social media. Drink chamomile. Moisturize and do some stretches. Put on a nice, comfortable set of pajamas. In addition to that I like to listen to a the sound of rain via a sleep sounds app. It helps calm my mind and gets me to sleep fairly quickly. I encourage you to start a night time routine to improve your sleep, which will put you in a better state of mind when you wake.

5. Open a Savings Account Eep! I’m telling on myself. I haven’t had a savings account since I left the US seven years ago. But I’m changing all that now! 2020 has taught me a very valuable lesson and I now understand the importance of having an emergency fun and even disposable income. You never know when a crisis will strike and we should try to be as prepared as possible. Open a savings account

Open up a savings account. You can save up for something specific like a month-long holiday or a new dress. Or you could just have it and see how long you can hold out before touching it.

(Hint: try NOT to touch it at all).

4. Let the last time someone made you feel worthless or drained be the last time.This connects to me going Karen Free. I encourage you to do the same. When I had Karens in my life, my self-worth was always under constant attack. I also suffered from severe imposter syndrome. It wasn’t just Karens who were toxic but they were the most difficult to identify and eradicate. Getting rid of Karens has been my favorite achievement so far. I have zero patience for anyone who tries to make me feel worthless or tries to treat me like an option, use me, manipulate me or just makes me feel tired all the time. No one needs that kind of relationship. You deserve so much more than that. Let the last time someone made you feel less than be the last time. Do it now and in 2021 buy yourself something nice to celebrate your freedom.

3. Get Moving (workout for 15 minutes a day) Move. Walk. Exercise. Get fit.I recently started the 100 squats challenge!It’s Day 7 and I feel great. I don’t have a specific weight goal in mind for 2021 but do want to feel good and look good when I buy myself new dresses to put in my newly cleaned and organized closet. Are you seeing how this all connects? Cool. Get moving now. Start small. Go for a 10 minute walk. Or do 25 squats. Or try to do 10 pushups (that’s my goal for the week). Then you can increase little by little. Don’t jump feet first into it – you will get overwhelmed and eventually quit. Go easy on yourself. Just take 15 minutes a day and move. You will feel so good after and you will definitely thank yourself later.

Move. Walk. Exercise. Get fit.

2. Start taking yourself on dates. Take yourself out on a date.I know I mentioned this already but I’m going to say it again because it’s just that important. Don’t be afraid to spend time along with yourself. Don’t shy away from taking yourself on dates and pampering yourself. It is vital that you see your own self-worth. It’s imperative that you treat yourself the way you want to be treated. Like a queen. Like a princess. Like a boss. Like a lady. Whatever it is you want from others you’ve got to give to yourself first. Take yourself on a date at least once a month. Go for coffee. Go for dinner. Go to see a movie. Have fun with yourself. If you can’t spend time alone with yourself how can you possible expect someone else to?

1. Start having real, meaningful conversations. This is the best way to Level Up. I watched an amazing Ted Talk about having great conversations and it got me so excited.Have great conversations. Real, meaningful conversations are so good for the soul. Forget small talk, chit chat or gossip. I want to learn something from someone and I want them to learn something from me. I want to debate important topics- not argue or “play devil’s advocate,” (how annoying is that, right? Nobody needs you to play devil’s advocate. Just have an opinion and stick with it, gosh!) – but I want to have actual intelligent, memorable, wine-infused debates about interesting topics. I encourage you to do the same. Take a break from drama Youtube channels and talk shows and go have a long, meaningful conversation with someone you connect with. That’s the best way to Level Up before 2021.

Have great conversations.

But that’s just my opinion.

Hang in there, lovelies. The year is almost over. We got this. Stay safe and take care of each other.

Hugs, Dawn Melissa

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