Building My Capsule Wardrobe

Ciao lovelies!

Little confession: I’m not that great at outfits.

I’ve always wanted to be but for some reason I just never – couldn’t be – with the…I don’t have style or fashion sense, is what I’m trying to say. So my “look” has always consisted of jeans and a t-shirt or sweater or something. Quite boring and not at all memorable. I love dresses so I buy them all the time but I wear them without really styling them. So again, the look is nonexistent. Those poor dresses had so much potential that just sort of got wasted on my body.

I kid. I kid.

But seriously, I’m ready to change that. I’m ready to have a signature look and I’m ready to start learning how to style my outfits. I decided the best way to begin was to start a capsule wardrobe. I organized my closet and donated a BUNCH of clothes. Anything that didn’t fit or make me feel good or weren’t really flattering had to go. Also, if I hadn’t worn it in awhile it had to go. This took effort. I had to take a long, hard look at myself – both in the mirror and also in a self-reflection sort of way and I had to be honest about what looked good on me and what didn’t etc. That’s not easy especially when you kind of lowkey hoard things sometimes.

I do this twice a year – right before the New Year and at the end of Summer – but this time around was special because this time around I was making room for the beginnings of my capsule wardrobe.

What’s a capsule wardrobe? In a nutshell, it’s basics and staples that can be mixed and matched to form a variety of outfits. There’s also a color scheme. I like cream, off white, tan, browns, black and light pink hues. I struggled with deciding on the colors because I really like bright colors and I patterns. I also like my wardrobe to match my personality, which is craaaazzyyy! But I forced myself to have a bit of self-control and really think about what colors I feel good in and can be worn both during the day and at night. So the above mentioned colors will be my basics and staples. And then, of course, I have a pop of color or a pattern here and there. My pop of color will probably change depending on the season or occasion but for the most part I think it will be wine/bordeaux colors.

I went shopping (online) and ordered a bunch of things from ASOS and H&M and these are the items I decided on. So far I’m really happy with what I purchased.

Please be patient with me. I’m obviously a very late bloomer. If anyone has any advice or suggestions or simply wants to offer words of encouragement, I’m all ears.

Have you started a capsule wardrobe? How’s it going? What’s one staple that you can’t live without?

Ciao for now, lovelies!

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