A Last-Minute Getaway to Bormio, Italy | My must-have hotel amenities

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We recently took a last-minute trip to Bormio to enjoy the mountains and to also visit our favorite spa. We spent two days in a lovely hotel that had all of my must-have amenities, including a 24 hour bar. And we ate food that was typical of that region. It was the perfect way to help me let go of Summer and transition into Fall.

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I’m a huge fan of booking last-minute trips and going on (mostly) unplanned adventures. Most of the way I’ve traveled around Italy has consisted of me doing everything at the last minute.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s necessary to plan things in advance, especially for longer distances or more expensive trips, however, for the most part, my Italian travels have been very last-minute and full of surprises.


I’m not really into making an itinerary or visiting all the touristy spots. There was a time (prior to embracing a carefree lifestyle) where I would stress myself out during a trip because I wanted everything to go perfectly planned and I wanted to hit all those instagramable tourist attractions but now it’s more about the creating real memories, relaxing and allowing myself to be present in the moment. So this last minute trip to Bormio was just what I needed.

The best of the trip for me was the hotel. That’s usually how it goes for me because no matter what you’re traveling for, be it business or pleasure, being able to rest your head in a cozy, comfortable and safe hotel is key. In the case, the hotel we booked did no disappoint. The purpose of the trip was to getaway for a few days without traveling by plane or train etc. and to relax and unwind.

Our hotel made that possible due to its amenities and friendly hotel staff.

Aesthetically speaking, it was just my type of hotel. It had an overall very rustic look to it but was warm and cozy with nice, big bed and a beautiful view. It also came with many of my must-have amenities, such as a private bathroom with a bathtub. It could be 90 degrees and I would still take a luxurious bubble bath. The hotel had its own spa, which we did try out. And my two favorite things about this hotel were the included breakfast and 24 hour bar. You never know when you’ll have a late night craving for a glass of Prosecco (which the kind bartender actually gave to us for free). This isn’t necessarily a must-have amenity, but I also really appreciate a hotel that allows you early check-in or late check-out. And above all, when the hotel staff is super friendly and communicative it nearly brings me to tears.

Customer service and Hotel hospitality are so important. Especially if you’re a solo traveler who’s been on the road for awhile. A friendly smile goes a long way.

I was almost sad to leave Bormio but it was exactly the right amount of time for a quick, last-minute getaway. It will probably be a long time before I deign to travel outside of Italy, so for now it’s great to at least be able to take short trips to areas close by within Italy. It’s a good opportunity for me to explore more of this country and absorb more of the culture.

What about you, lovely? What are your must-have hotel amenities? Also, what’s your travel style? Do you like to plan your trips down to the smallest detail or do you like to wing it and do everything last-minute? What kind of traveler are you? Do you like luxury travel or budget friendly travel or a combination of both?

Are you finding ways to get to know your own city, state or country? Are you doing your own versions of “staycations” or are you just riding out this pandemic and staying home for now? Either way, I hope you’re staying safe, keeping your loved ones close and continuing to strive for a carefree lifestyle.

Ciao for now!

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