How to Stay Productive During Lockdown

How to Stay Productive During Lockdown

It’s not officially lockdown 2.0 here in Italy yet but it may as well be.

Every other day there’s a new law that goes into effect restricting movements in order to get the covid cases back under control. Any day now I’m sure there will be a full on lockdown. Fortunately, I’ve been training for this since March.

How to Stay Productive During Lockdown

I’m just trying to take it one day at a time.

I don’t normally go out much because I work from home and I’m more of a night owl and weekend partier (wink wink). But now with the new restrictions I don’t see the need to go out at all. It’s actually been ok being indoors these past few weeks. I started to go stir crazy for a hot minute but then I put together a daily schedule to help break up the hours and keep me active.

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In addition to a schedule, I’ve also taken up some new hobbies!


I cook almost everyday but usually our meals are pretty basic. We save the fancy stuff for restaurants. Welp, restaurants are out of the question due to lockdown and covid so we’re getting creative with our meals at home. So we’ve been trying out new recipes that we’d normally not have attempted in the past. For instance, we’re making homemade granola bars, Japanese pancakes and – recently we made my favorite Japanese dish, Katsu Don. It was delicious! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, cooking is very therapeutic and it does give me a sense of accomplishment when I try a recipe and the dish comes out yummy. Tonight I even attempted my own coconunt curry chicken and OMG, it made me love food all over again.

Workout Challenges

I know I already included my daily workout in the above schedule, but in addition to that I’ve started doing popular fitness challenges. For instance, in September I did 30 Days 100 Squats challenge (I decided to keep that as part of my daily workout routine.) Then I went on to the try the daily plank challenge (very difficult, a minute feels like an eternity when you’re first starting out). Now I’m doing Chloe Ting’s ab challenge. She’s amazing! So far I’m addicted to her Youtube videos and yes, I’m starting to see a change in my body. I will do an update post and video when the challenge is complete.

Netflix Binge

I’m not going to lie, there is nothing good on Netflix right now. Nothing new, that is. So I’ve been rewatching tv shows I’ve seen a number of times already like “How I Met Your Mother” – a show that triggers me everytime I watch it and yet I can’t seem to stop myself. Suffice to say, I personally Ted Mosby is a sociopath, I don’t know why anyone would have dated him. The woman he does end up marrying tries way too hard to be cute. Lily is so freaking annoying although if she were my friend (and not a lowkey Karen and racist) I’d probably adore her. Lily and Marshall are the best couple ever. Marshall is the only reason I keep coming back to this show. Robin is a nonfactor. The only thing that made her remotely interesting was Barney falling in love with her. Ever notice how whenever Robin was in a relationship with either Ted or Barney she became this very dull, ininteresting second fiddle? I know that’s not the character’s fault but the fault of the men who wrote the episodes. Which speaks to the heart of my issues with this sexist, stupid but still highly addictive show. Who flipping cares about the man’s perspective when that man is someone like Ted friggin Mosby? I hate that guy.

I’ve also rewatched Money Heist twice. I can’t get enough of Miguel Herran. Yum.

I also watched a bunch of Halloween movies that I’ve already seen. I watch the Scream franchise every year and this year I actually watched Alien and that horrible Friday the 13th remake. Bleh.

I’m currently rewatching “How to Get Away With Murder.” I’m still annoyed at that last season of the series. But the first few seasons were amazing. Watching it again I’m remembering what made this show so special. It was great when we got to see new cases each week and alos see Annalise be amazing in the courtroom. We loved that. But the show quality went down when it delved too deeply into the personal lives of the keating 5 and also decided to turn Annalise into a brokendown drunk. That was so completely unnecessary, but not surprising given the writers of the show. Also, no offense to the Keating 5 but none of them were likeable enough to focus so much on them. I would have preferred that they continued to learn from Annalise, see them actually grow from spoiled brats to actual mature adults and then I might have cared if they ever succeeded in life. But I digress.

Online Shopping

I’ve always been quite addicted to online shopping but normally I stick to the same stores like Asos and Amazon. However, recently I’ve started trying out new stores like MANGO, H&M, AND OTHER STORIES and PRETTY LITTLE THING. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with these places but it’s fun to experiment and it definitely breaks up the monotony.

Board Games

I haven’t played board games since I was a kid so clearly I must be desperate for entertainment to actuallly get back into them. It was actually my husband’s idea and at first I was against it because, come on, I don’t care how bored I get I will never want to revist my “Chutes and Ladders,” “Game of Life,” or “Clue” days. But then my husband suprised me by randomly buying an Escape Room type of board game. I never would have thought of something like that so it’s been quite a pleasant surprise.

What new activities are you getting into during this lockdown? Are you finding ways to stay active, productive and mentally healthy?

I know it’s a struggle especially as the days grow shorter and colder, but remember we’re in this together. Try to stay connected with friends and family through Zoom or Skype. Learn a new hobby. Get into yogo and meditation. Eat good food – it doesn’t necessarily have to be super healthy – but treat yourself to something yummy. And don’t forget to take time out to just sit with your thoughts and feelings. Take care of your emotional and mental well-being.

Stay safe, lovelies. This, too, shall pass.

Ciao for now!


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