Netflix Shows to Watch Now

Netflix Shows to Watch While Working From Home

Ciao lovelies!

I mentioned a few Netflix shows I’m watching in my last post but here’s my list of Netflix shows to watch while working from home.

Netflix Shows to Watch Now

Depending on the type of work from home you do, you may or may not be able to watch TV at the same time. Some days my work only allows me to have TV shows muted in the background but other days I can have the volume up. It’s nice to work in a quiet space, if not for lockdown I would be in working in a co-working space, but sometimes it gets a little too quiet in the house and I need some chatter.

For me, it works best to just let a series autoplay while I’m milling about the house. Whether that’s with computer work or cleaning or cooking. These shows are usually Netflix series that I’ve already seen so I don’t really have to give them my full attention.

I am also watching new Netflix shows (or at least new-to-me Netflix shows) but I won’t include those Netflix shows in this list because they are new to me, therefore I give them my full attention. I wouldn’t watch them while working or have them playing in the background while I’m cleaning or cooking.

So here’s my list!

5. Good Girls

When the TV series Good Girls came to Netflix it was like a gift from the TV goddesses. This is definitely a show that will hook you in immediately, which it did to me. To the point where I was yelling at the TV at times when crazy things happened and I was actually halfway rooting for a sexy, scary criminal. That’s what good casting does.

Have you seen Good Girls?

I think there are only 2 1/2 seasons available now on Netflix because filming was interrupted due to the lockdown but if you’ve never seen Good Girls on Netflix, now’s a good time to binge. If you have seen it already, now’s a good time to watch it again.

There’s just something about this show. It has a good balance of comedy and a drama. The cast is really likeable and the ones we love-to-hate are also pretty essential to the series. The leading ladies are full-figured, normal looking women so it’s so believable that they’ve all actually had kids. That part means something to me. I’m so tired of seeing models play moms of 3 kids. Like, stop it.

Anyway, check out this show on Netflix and, erm, your’re welcome.

4. Izombie

I’ve watched all the seasons of this show about 3 times already. First of all, the theme song to Izombie on Netflix is so catchy! I never skip the intro because I love the show’s theme song. Also, the lead actress is so quirky and just a regular, average looking girl. It’s not offputting or distracting to watch her try to act. Also, she’s funny and she works as the lead of this show. We like to see her onscreen.

Having said that, I must add that my favorite character on Izombie is the British guy who was in the Haunting of Bly Manor (yawn) looking fine as hell. Let me say that again, the British guy from Izombie was in the Haunting of Bly Manor looking fine as hell.

The Haunting of Bly Manor was super long and drawn out with no good payoff in the end. Some episodes were so boring I fell asleep and didn’t bother to go back to see what I missed. But at least The Haunting of Bly Manor was less boring than The Haunting of Hill House. I never even finished The Haunting of Hill House because I kept falling asleep on it. Ok but I digress…

3. Community

I’m not going to lie – it’s hard not to give my full attention to Community on Netflix. It’s just such a good show (except for the last season, my goodness what was that trainwreck?) But since I have seen the entire series multiple times and it continues to serve its purpose of keeping me entertained and keeping a bit of noise floating around the house when I’m cleaning, working from home or cooking.

2. Scrubs

(I know what you’re thinking, where are the Black shows? Welp, talk to Netflix)

But yeah I recently rewatched this series and I’ve finally reached a point where I realize how problematic this series is. From the gay jokes, to the Black face to JD’s obsession with Turk’s Blackness, to Carla insisting she’s not Black or Puerto Rican but Dominican, to Elliot basically being a low-key Karen, to the Janitor being a useless pain in the ass and given way too much focus as the series went on.

This show did not age well.

I don’t know how we got bamboozled into thinking this was a good show. Probably because of some of the cast. Dr. Kelso was always hilarious, Jordan actually became one of my favorites and I did like the special guests who popped up from time to time.

So if I hated the show so much why is it on my list?

Because again, I just finished the series again (except for that last season, I could NOT get through it. It’s actually literally completely garbage.) It’s a long running series so you can just let it play in the background. There are actually some funny bits to it (when the writers aren’t obsessing over Black people while completely excluding Black women from the show and making the only Black male lead whitewashed and bleh). And I’m uncomfortable with the gay jokes. They didn’t age well. They aren’t funny.

So I will say that I won’t be watching Scrubs on Netflix from now on. Unfortunately for Scrubs, it’s become like Friends – unwatchable. But if you just want some (literal) white noise in the background then go ahead and give it a whirl.

1. How I Met Your Mother

I have watched this entire series multiple times (all 9 seasons, even though the last season was so stupid it was still watchable). I love to hate this show! It’s a series that get under your skin and irritates you. Maybe it’s the narration, maybe it’s Barney or maybe it’s the fact that I just don’t get the appeal of Ted Mosby and so I analyze the series and try to figure out if I’ve ever thought I loved a Ted Mosby (I have not) but something about this show keeps me coming back to both suffer and enjoy it time and time again.

I have to admit the show is funny.

There are some problematic episodes like when Lily starts talking with a blaccent when she’s around her Black friend. The reason why this episode bothered me was because they used it as an example of Lily “regressing” which held a negative connotation for me. (Lily’s a low-key Karen, by the way. Her character probably would have voted for trump not because she’s an outright racist but because she would not want her white privilige infringed upon. That’s the vibe I get from her and Robin. Remember that episode when Robin was about to get duel citizenship and a taxi passes and she screams “Learn English,” at the driver? Yeah. Those are two white women I’d feel a bit hesitant getting too close to. And yes I know they aren’t real but well, actually they are if you think about it.)

Anyway, the episode with Lily’s awkward blaccent is reflective of how non-Black people appropriate Black culture (including AAVE and our mannerisms etc) in real life. It’s not regressive to speak with a Blaccent when you’re Black. Speaking African American Vernacular English isn’t beneath speaking standard american (or white) English. So Lily only regressed when she appropriated Black culture. I get what the writers of that episode were trying to do when in the end there was plottwist and the Black friend was actually quite “articulate” and getting a Phd etc. But it’s still an episode chock full of diet racism and it’s another example of white writers (and white people) being obsessed with Black people and Black culture but keeping us out of the writer’s room and off screen. I know some people will think this me being sensitive (you’re part of the problem, by the way) but imagine I’m a Black woman living in China and I had a group of Chinese friends who spoke English but had a very thick Chinese accent. Imagine that just because I grew up with these friends I think it’s OK to adopt their Chinese accent and Chinese mannerisms. It’s weird right? No one does that either because whenever anyone doe something like that everyone calls it racism or tone deaf or whatever. I’d really like for people to start seeing AAVE in the same way. Our culture isn’t a punchline of your poorly written jokes. Our culture isn’t a joke.

It’s the “being obsessed with Black people but not giving us the same opportunities as white people for me.”

Having said all that, I find this show so addictive. It triggers me because – again – in real life, who would date Ted Mosby? Why was his meeting his wife so interesting? Exactly, it wasn’t. The only thing that really made this show so great were all the other characters. Honestly, if Ted Mosby didn’t have the type of friends he did his life would be super boring. An architect? Really? Bleh. so yeah, I mostly watch this show because of the flashbacks and stories within stories. For the most part, I like the writing. I don’t like the characters – although Barney and Marshall are seriously my faves. I think I only rewatch this show for the writing to see how I can use some of these techniques to improve my own writing. Which is why it’s very easy to let it play in the background while I’m working. I haven’t given this series my full attention since it was airing weekly on TV – and even then I wasn’t tuning in every week.

Why is “How I Met Your Mother” number 1 on this list?

Well, first there’s no order of importance with this list but it’s number 1 only because I rewatched the series so much. I’m actually currently rewatching it again. Robin and Barney just broke up and Robin’s finally about to get interesting. But also, “How I Met Your Mother” has 9 seasons so there’s a lot of material to let play in the background while you’re doing other things. I like the idea of not having to search through Netflix to find something to watch.

Once Netflix is on and the show is going I don’t have to worry about it for awhile.

I also tend to watch “How I Met Your Mother” when I’m sick or feeling depressed. It’s an upbeat show for the most part so it does the job of cheering me up.

Side Note: I’d love to see a show like this from a Black woman’s perspective. Really, I’d love to see more comedies starring women, specifically Black women with Black women in the writer’s room making these Black characters aren’t just stereotypes.

I know “Insecure” is kind of like that but I struggle with that show really. I might circle back to it and catch up on the seasons. If I can get through “How to Get Away With Murder” (I’m pretty sure I’m going to skip the last season) I can certainly try to get through “Insecure.” Fingers crossed.

Anyway, those are the Netflix shows to watch while working from home.

Have you seen any of them? Do you like to rewatch Netflix shows or are you the type who watches something once and moves on? What shows are you watching right now or would recommend to watch during lockdown? Leave a comment and thanks for stopping by!

Ciao lovelies!

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