At-Home Workouts That Match My Personality

Ciao Lovelies!

I’ve been on a weightloss journey since September. I’ve adjusted my diet and started exercising and so far I have seen results that have pleased me. Just thought I’d share that.

But anyway, I’m not sure if any of you are like this but when I work out, I don’t like to grunt. 

Not just that, but I hate making strained faces or panting and wheezing and just looking a mess.

Now you probably think I’m crazy but hear me out. I feel like grunting, panting, straining and all those other unpleasant things that come to mind when discussing working out, are quite masculine. And as a delicate, feminine dainty lil thing, I don’t like to partake in masculine activities. 

I’m not saying I need to be cute when I work out. Trust me, there have been times when I have been a whole hot mess at the gym and did not care. 

So it’s not about being cute. Also, I actually like to sweat because it’s natural, brings out my inner glow and aids to detox my body.

Fitness for Feminine Girls

I just think there are certain types of workouts that don’t suit me as a dainty girl and that don’t match my personality (as a girl who doesn’t like to make weird faces when I’m working out).

For instance, burpees. I can’t stand doing Burpees! I know they are beneficial and all but for busty girls like me, they are just awkward and uncomfortable. 

I also secrety hate lifting weights but somehow I feel like I’m not alone on that one.

So anyway, with Lockdown 2.0 in full effect, going to the gym (to use only the treadmill) is no longer an option. But I don’t want to lose momentum on my weightloss journey. That means working out at home. In an earlier post, I’d listed a bunch of things we could do to stay productive during lockdown 2.0. Working out had been on the list initially but it was sort of just an idea…because it wasn’t officially lockdown. But now it’s like on that list for real. Daily workout. Do it. 

I’ve been watching fitness youtubers for years. Now I guess instead of watching I’ll actually be doing these workouts too. ha! I kid. But seriously though, my new favorite fitness youtuber right now is Chloe Ting. She offers free workouts and challenges on her Youtube channel and website. Chloe’s workouts are challenging and not at all fun but when you get to the end of them you feel amazing and you know it was all worth it. 

I’ve seen dozens and dozens of people talking about Chloe Ting on social media. They’re usually posting before and after photos or videos after completing Chloe Ting’s 2-week shred challenge. I found those videos and photos motivating so it was inevitable that I’d eventually jump on the Chloe Ting bandwagon and finally check out her videos. 

And you know what? I really like her! Her energy is normal. She’s not overly excited and enthusiastic like someone who’s had too much coffee and keeps forgetting to blink. She doesn’t guilt trip you into continuing the workout but offers genuine encouragement. She’s also not scary. She’s just a nice, chill person who makes it all seem totally achieveable.

(Having said that, I probably won’t do a before and after video but most like I will do a follow-up blog post once I hit my first milestone on my weightloss journey.)

(Oh, I should also add that in Chloe Ting’s 2-week shred  challenge she does actually include burpees but I sub those out for something else or I rest a bit more. I don’tssss do burpeeeeez!) 

Another reason why I like Chloe is that her workouts fit my personality. I’m not grunting, panting and wheezing doing the planks or bicycle crunches that are part of her routines. I’m not making weird faces and I still feel quite girly and feminine during my workouts. 

That doesn’t mean these exercises are easy! 

Don’t get it twisted. Do not get it twist-ed. 

Keeping it cute, girly and feminine while working out doesn’t equate to easy. Trust me. I’m just the type of person who does everything “like a girl” and I’m proud of it. 

Workout Routine for Feminine Girls

Here’s a list of  some of the at-home exercises I’m doing during lockdown that match my feminine personality.

-Squats using resistance bands.

-Leg lifts using ankle weights.

-60 second Plank

-Plank to Downward Dog

-Knee push-ups

-Mountain Climbers (Modified)

-Bicycle Crunches


-Arm exercises using resistance bands.

– Raising and Lowering my arms without weights. This may not seem like a real exercise but it is. Try lifting and lowering and then lowering and lifting your arms for 40 seconds each and see if you don’t feel the burn.

And that’s it. I change up the order each time I work out and swap out one of the exercises for something different but for the most part this is how I stay active at home without stepping out of my comfort(feminine) zone.

Again, don’t get it twisted. I’m not smiling , giggling and laughing during these exercises. I do find them challenging to do and there are times when I need to add a little something extra to keep my heart rate up. But this is my preference. The low-key workout. The chill workout. The girly, dainty, feminine workout. (Ahem, the lazy girl workout). It’s not going to give me that 2-week shred results I enviously watch other people celebrate while eating a bag of chips. But it’s effective in its own way. 

It’s also a matter of body type and size. Not to mention age. I’m not 20. My knees really can’t handle all of those lunges and all that aimless jumping around. Neither can my boobs. So there’s that. 

Combined with Intermittent Fasting, I have managed to lose some weight and inches over the last month. So far I’m quite pleased and I’m looking forward to seeing more results in the coming weeks.

Wish me luck!

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