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Ciao Lovelies!

I saw this trend on Tiktok and immediately had to hop on it. Granted, it’s just a series of videos from my camera roll edited together and underscored by an upbeat yet nostalgia-inducing song, but it watching all those moments of my life really made it feel like a movie.

I was also inspired to do this trend because romanticing one’s life is one of the of the themes of this blog. It’s also one of my aspirations. Everyday can’t be a fairytale but little pockets of sunshine, happiness and surprises can make it feel that way.

How do we romanticize our lives?
Appreciate the good and find moments that make you feel like a princess.

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I think of my life as a movie and I don’t think that will ever change. Sometimes the genre changes but only slightly. For the most part, it’s a romantic comedy with me as the leading lady. And when I’m in a good headspace, I see all the beauty and all the colors and I love every moment. It’s not about how much success or money you have (although those are important!) but it’s about the laughter, the food, the views, the memorable experiences, the hand holding, the hugs, the wine, the stolen kisses, getting caught in the rain, birthday cake and the love and friendship. Mostly it’s about overcoming the lows and appreciating the highs. That’s how I romanticize my life.

How do you romanticize your life, lovely?

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