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Here on I share personal stories about expat life in Italy. The blog is a (self) love story about the process of healing from grief, overcoming depression and connecting with my feminine energy. I share my stories to aid in my own self-love journey as well as to encourage and inspire like-minded creatives.
The creative aspect of this sight shares social media and digital content as well as fictional Wattpad stories. I’m always working on some kind of project in an effort to stay creative, focused and mindful.

Let’s Collaborate!
I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with some fantastic partners in the travel, lifestyle and beauty industries. A partnership with Dawn Melissa Does is a great way to promote your brand! Through sponsored posts you can gain exposure and brand recognition.
Please contact me below for rates or download my RATE CARD.
Social Media Marketer

I have no intention of letting my Film Degree from New York University go to waste! Hire me to create video and photo content to promote your products, business or service on TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest.

Let’s form a mutually beneficial working relationship to increase your brand’s awareness in front of a targeted audience. Send an email to: [email protected] Or fill out the form below!

  • Blog Services – You’re welcome to submit an article, written by you to promote your product or service.
  • Banner Ads – I can offer several formats, please contact me for details.
  • Have your own ideas? Let me know!
Or Hire Me For a Job!
Alternatively, you can hire me to work for you. I’ve worked in a variety of industries over the years, from hospitality and customer service to advertising and film. I’ve worn many hats that have aided in developing my social media marketing skills. Below is an overview of services I can offer. Take a look and let me work for you!

Hotel Tester / Restaurant Tester / Product and Service Tester
I live in one of the most popular countries for travel, leisure and food. Exploring is an everyday thing for me. If you’re looking to drum up some general promotion for your hotel or restaurant please invite me for a visit. I will take exquisite photos and videos, write a detailed review and create a vlog for my Youtube channel.

Here’s what I can offer:
*Please note that while price is negotiable, all travel expenses should be covered.

  • Press Trips to Promote a Destination
  • Hotel/Hostel Reviews
  • Airline Reviews.
  • Day Trips/Multi-Day Trips/Tours
  • Website or App Reviews
  • Restaurant and Bar Reviews
  • Travel Gear Reviews
  • Subscription Service Reviews
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