Mel Noir Creative

Mel Noir Creative

Mel Noir Creative is the space I use for creating digital content. I’m always working on some kind of creative project, be it, writing, acting, voiceover, or User Generated Content.

What is UGC?

UGC is a digital marketing asset used to enhance brand awareness and build consumer trust. User-Generated Content is content created by real, relatable people to give the brand, product, or service an organic and authentic approach.

I create Tiktok videos and IG reels for Unboxing, Travel, Lifestyle content, and More! Let’s CONVERT viewers to BUYERS with organic-style videos made by a professional voiceover actor, writer, and videographer. My authentic and relatable approach is exactly what you need for your brand to connect to your target audience!

What I Provide

-High-quality organic style UGC of your product
-Unboxing and Demonstration of the product
-Voice-over copy

Hotel Tester / Restaurant Tester / Product and Service Tester

I live in one of the most popular countries for travel, leisure, and food. I’ve worked in a variety of industries over the years, from hospitality and customer service to advertising and film. I’ve worn many hats that have aided in developing my social media marketing skills.

If you’re looking to drum up some general promotion for your hotel or restaurant please invite me for a visit.

Ideas to consider:
*Please note that while rates are negotiable, all travel expenses should be covered.

  • Press Trips to Promote a Destination
  • Hotel/Hostel Reviews
  • Airline Reviews.
  • Day Trips/Multi-Day Trips/Tours
  • Website or App Reviews
  • Restaurant and Bar Reviews
  • Travel Gear Reviews
  • Subscription Service Reviews

Voice Actor

Working as a voice actor is something I love to do! It’s a unique aspect of content creation and acting. I approach my voice acting work with professionalism and creativity offering consistent performances in a variety of styles. Similar to my user-generated content, my voice acting imbues a relatable, approachable, and warm tone and meets client expectations.

Dawn Melissa Voice-Over Demos

For more information, please send an email to

Ciao for now!