Episode 01 Don’t Get Stuck in the Mud

Mull and Wine Podcast
Mull and Wine Podcast
Episode 01 Don't Get Stuck in the Mud

We’re jumping feet first into this first episode, “Don’t Get Stuck in the Mud.” We’ll be covering a range of topics, including healing after trauma, overcoming roadblocks and letting go of the past.

We all face challenges that get in the way of achieving our goals. From imposter syndrome and temptations to self-sabotage and other distractions. We sometimes lose sight of our goals and find ourselves stuck. Unable to let go of who we were and embrace who we are. This podcast episode offers insight on ways to get out of the mud or avoid it all together.

Bringing a blend of slightly-irreverent humor, the show aims to be relatable and engaging. Tune in as I share childhood anecdotes, cringe-worthy situations, and a bit of celebrity gossip.

*This podcast is for entertainment purposes.

Trigger Warning – This podcast discusses themes of depression, suicide, racism and miscarriage. Listener discretion advised. If you or someone you know is struggling with these issue please seek professional help or contact a helpline in your country.