About Me

Image of website owner wearing a beige top and a silver necklace, and has braided hair.

Dawn Melissa, a writer, daydreamer and dream chaser, embodies versatility and has an unquenchable thirst for adventure. Her artistic journey has led her through diverse landscapes, fueled by a passion for storytelling. 

Starting at New York University, where Dawn studied Film and Television. From there, she dabbled in musical theater and stand up comedy in Los Angeles. Seeking a broader canvas, she crossed the Atlantic to pursue a Masters Degree in Media Communications in London. 

Dawn continues to hone her craft as a writer. Her screenplays have garnered accolades and fellowship awards.  She’s currently crafting her debut novel drawing inspiration from her favorite True Crime podcasts and TV series. 

Her other creative endeavors include hosting the Mull and Wine Podcast and User Generated Content Creation. 

After years of living in major cities, Dawn is now tucked away in a small, Italian town with her husband and rescue cat that she literally scooped up while he was eating a plate of pasta (the cat, not her husband).